Lady Photographic 


Photography Packages and Prices

Standard Portrait Session

1-1.5 hours


Premium Portrait Session

2hours $450

Highly recommended for sessions involving more than one horse, many wardrobe changes, or when combining a black background session with a standard portrait session. 

Group Session or Parties

The group portrait session is an excellent way to take advantage of a special event or location when more than 5 riders are wishing to get some photos but not as many as a traditional portrait session. I usually will plan to stay for 1-2 hours An example of this would be your barn or club has planned a beach day and wishes to get pictures of everyone to enjoy or is hosting a small one day competition and wishes to get a bulk discount so everyone can receive show photos. 

5-9 people $75 each

10-15 people $65 each

16-25 people $50 each 

Group prices listed above are to give you a rough idea of cost breakdown. If you are planning an event with a larger group or extended hours please email me for a specific quote. 

Black Backgrounds

You provide the image:

I can edit any full resolution image to have a black background, provided the image is of decent quality. Often cell phone pictures are not recommended but in cases where no better image exists, we will use the best we have available.  Most edits take less than an hour. I charge a flat $40 per hour of editing. 

Black background sessions:

Traditional studio lighting -  For the best authentic black background we shoot in a covered arena or when the sun is very low using studio lights.

Barn entrance or subdued lighting- Good for busy show stables, or for spooky horses who would not respond well to the flash of studio lights. 

Shooting for a black background session can take about half an hour. 

Social Media Rocket Fuel

These packages are aimed to give your social media empire the fuel it needs to get moving in the right direction. Most successful influencers consistently post 1-3 times a day, every day. That is a lot of content. The idea behind these packages is to not only help you get your hands on a mass of good quality content in the form of photos and/or video fast, but also allow you to pick my brain, ask as many questions you can think of throughout the day, and discuss anything under the sun related to social media, photography and video. 

The time is yours...will I be your personal paparazzi for the day? Shooting footage for an epic youtube video? 

Or maybe capturing a day in your life?

Half Tank $900

Half a day, Approximately 4-5 hours of creating as much content as possible. Any photos we can take during that time can be yours. At the end of the session you will be given a chance to review your images and mark down your top choices. 

Full Tank $1500 

Approximately 8 hours with a 1-2hour break around the middle of the day, depending on times of sunrise/sunset

Take advantage of the best light of the day shooting both sunrise and sunset or capture a full day of competition action. 

*Prices listed includes shooting time, basic editing, and preparation of images for sharing on the web. Due to the nature of video, editing time can vary a great deal, so its best to send me an email and we can work on finding the right balance between what you need and your budget. Video editing is not included in the price. You will be provided WEB 72dpi images. These images are not intended to be used for e-commerce or printing. If you will need full resolution images, please make a note of that when you email me. 

Commercial and Day Rates

Because of the difference in wear and tear on equipment depending on still photos or video needs please contact for a specific quote for you project


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