Lady Photographic 


Portrait Sessions

Portrait sessions generally run 1-2 hours which gives us time to have: 

  • Multiple outfit changes/or horses. 
  • Find a variety of shot locations.
  • Combine a black background session with a standard portrait session. 
  • At the end of the session you will have the opportunity to view and select your top favorite pictures for editing. 
  • Session fee covers travel within the SD area, shoot time, and editing of a minimum of 50 images, and a password protected gallery for you to view, download, and share your images with friends and family. Inside the gallery you are able to order premium prints at cost with no up-charge. 

I make trips throughout the US for shows and will begin making trips out the Arizona starting in February.  

Portait Session Pricing

Standard Portrait Session

1-1.5 hours $350 

Premium Portrait Session

2hours $450

Highly recommended for sessions involving more than one horse, many wardrobe changes, or when combining a black background session with a standard portrait session. 

Black Background Only

$175 per horse. Discounts available for multiple horses at the same location and day.

Group Session or Parties

The group portrait session is an excellent way to take advantage of a special event or location when more than 5 riders are wishing to get some photos but not as many as a traditional portrait session. I usually will plan to stay for 1-2 hours An example of this would be your barn or club has planned a beach day and wishes to get pictures of everyone to enjoy or is hosting a small one day competition and wishes to get a bulk discount so everyone can receive show photos. 

5-9 people $75 each

10-15 people $65 each

16-25 people $50 each 

Group prices listed above are to give you a rough idea of cost breakdown. If you are planning an event with a larger group or extended hours please email me for a specific quote. 

Purchase Standard Session $350

Purchase Premium Session $450